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XBRL Reports™

XBRL Reports is the first cloud-based application that allows Australian companies to report to ASIC in a digital format (iXBRL) fast and easy. It is built on top of Government’s SBR (Standard Business Reporting) platform, it is highly secure and it uses the latest IFRS AU Taxonomy.

You can create, validate and submit iXBRL financial statements and reports (F388) to ASIC directly from the application. Simply click & select the relevant taxonomy fields and add values. Validate as many times as you need against ASIC rules before submitting securely. Get a submission confirmation on the spot. View a history of all your drafts and submitted reports.

With a free 30 days trial plan you can create and validate digital financial reports for free.


iXBRL Filing Assistant

If you’d like to move to digital financial reporting but you don’t have the time to try it, we can help!

Simply populate the mapping template that we provide and send it back to us. We will create and validate the iXBRL file for you, and send you the file ready for submission via your ASIC portal.

With full compatibility with Microsoft Excel and a fast turnaround, it’s no surprise that iXBRL Filing Assistant is the preferred digital reporting option for many.

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