Reports Digitisation

From paper or PDF to digital data online.

Reports digitisation

We support companies digitalise their historical financial statements and notes. That is, transform them from PDF, Word, or even paper to a digital structured format (iXBRL).

Having all financial data in a digital format allows companies to run a variety of analytics on integrated business data, including machine learning, predictive analytics or other type of insights.


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Report digitisation Done-FOR-You


We do all the work to digitalise your historical financial reports:

1. You send us the files in existing format (PDF, Word, Excel or paper).

2. We map the statement tables and the associated notes to the current IFRS AU taxonomy.

3. We create and validate the iXBRL file.

4. We send you the prepared iXBRL file ready to upload on your website or share with interested parties.


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Report digitalisation Done-WITH-You


We train and support your team to digitalise historical financial reports:

1. We send you a mapping template..

2. You map the statement tables and the associated notes using the template.

3. We provide access to our Basic iXBRL training package.

4. You create the iXBRL file using the training samples.

5. We support you along the way with personalised advice sessions.


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We invite you into the future of digital financial reporting and analytics!

Many companies around the world enjoy the huge financial and strategic advantages of digital financial reporting and analytics. Want to find out how? Call us at +61 458 463 097, or click below to start the conversation!

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